Identity Card

Our range of I D Cards meet the requirements of business houses, financial institutions, colleges, schools. We also arrange the photo sessions when the employee base is huge. ID Cards will be designed as per the client's design specifications with bar coding and encoding if required.

Student ID Card

We print and supply different types of student identity cards for colleges, schools and many educational institutes, which is necessary for identification of students and their management. These bright and elegant looking cards are tough & long lasting with 500-800 micron thickness.

Employer ID Card

High-quality employee ID cards make it easy to see who should have access to your building. These ID cards also enable transactions and can perform a variety of other tasks that streamline processes. Employee ID Cards can be standardized by adding company logo, barcode, images, photo and text fields in efficient manner.

Membership Card

We manufacture and supply excellent Plastic Membership Cards, which can be used in the enrolment of members to the organization. ASON offers membership cards for generating customer loyalty and efficiently promote product or increase responses. These cards creates important link between the customers and organization.

Privilege Card

We offer fine-quality Privilege Cards to various Clubs, restaurants, shops and trade customers , this are an excellent method of generating repeat business from existing clients. Available in various models and specifications, thickness and sizes. We manufacture and supply different Smart Cards and also offer customization as per client’s specifications.

Loyalty card

Loyalty cards improve customer retention and spending. Customer acquisition is also being improved by differentiating services from competitors. A retail establishment or a retail group may issue a loyalty card to a customer who can then use it as a form of identification when dealing with that retailer. By presenting the card to the purchaser will entitle either a discount on the current purchase or an allotment of points that can be used in the future.

Gold & Silver Card

We supplying various types of metallic cards with MAGNETIC STRIPE like gold, silver, platinum and copper style. These are offered in customized designs with metallic effect

Patient Registration Card

We specialize in printing and supply Patient Identification Card. We are currently offering our printing of Patient Registration Cards to many esteemed hospitals.